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Community Fuels Grows to Over 20 Million Gallons Throughput

Encinitas, California, January 2, 2018 – Community Fuels constructed a high volume biodiesel terminal designed to support the distribution of 73 million gallons per year.  Biodiesel demand continues to grow as a result of the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard.  “Today we reached a key milestone with over 20 million gallons of biodiesel throughput over the past 12 months.  As we continue our efforts to optimize terminal operations, we hope to double the total gallons under management within the next 12 months and then to further expand to reach the near-term goal of 73 million gallons per year.” says Chris Stowe, Controller of Community Fuels.

“Community Fuels bio-refinery and terminal operations are ideally situated to provide reliable supply of high quality biodiesel to the dozens of area petroleum refineries and terminals, bulk fuel distributors and diesel retailers.  Our Port of Stockton location gives us a significant advantage with logistics and proximity to key markets – enabling our customers to blend biodiesel quickly and reliably to achieve their clean fuel objectives.” says Mitch Bishop, Plant Manager of Community Fuels.

“Our site specifically was selected for its tri-modal logistics potential: shipping vessel, rail and truck.  We do hope to construct a pipeline to the deep water shipping channel to further expand the site capabilities and make Community Fuels the premier biodiesel distribution point for all of Northern California.  Our location and its many advantages will enable Community Fuels to significantly increase biodiesel availability and blending opportunities which will help the state attain its ambitious carbon reduction goals.” says Lisa Mortenson, CEO of Community Fuels.  “We also are exploring options to diversify our terminal to inventory both biodiesel and renewable diesel in order to maximize the overall renewable content of diesel fuel.”


American Biodiesel, Inc. does business as Community Fuels and is a proven advanced biofuel producer.  Its bio-refinery, laboratory and terminal are located at the Port of Stockton in California.  Community Fuels’ production facility has been producing commercial volumes of biodiesel every month since 2008, making it one of the most established west coast bio-refineries.  Please learn more at:  ####