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Community Fuels Now Offering NOx Neutral Biodiesel – Compliant with the Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation & Suitable for Year-Round Use Within CA at B20

Encinitas, California, June 6, 2018 – Community Fuels is the first biodiesel marketer within California to offer NOx neutral biodiesel using the new Best Corp. BC-EC1c additive.  Under the California Alternative Diesel Fuel (ADF) regulation, biodiesel use is subject to seasonal blend limits unless it meets certain requirements.  ADF compliance is a critical consideration for anyone producing, importing, or selling biodiesel blends within California.

“The various exemptions, seasonal blend limits and other options under the ADF regulation are complex and difficult for fleets and diesel retailers to manage.  We knew that we needed a better solution.  We sought a safe and cost-effective NOx additive that would be consistent with our high fuel quality objectives and could be applied to our entire biodiesel terminal operations.  After evaluating many options, we selected Best Corp. because they were the best solution for our customers.” says Lisa Mortenson, CEO of Community Fuels.

“We had the opportunity to test the additive in advance of the CARB approval to ensure that the additive would not have adverse effects on the biodiesel fuel quality.  Based upon our testing results, we are confident that the Best additive will maintain, and possibly improve, the biodiesel fuel quality.” says Steven Sabillon, Laboratory Manager for Community Fuels.

Biodiesel is blended with petroleum diesel to achieve a variety of emissions reduction goals and to comply with multiple federal and state regulations.  Community Fuels intends to provide NOx neutral biodiesel for all B99 loaded at its Port of Stockton terminal.  “Offering NOx neutral biodiesel is consistent with the company’s goal to continue its ongoing efforts to reduce regulatory risk and ensure compliance for the company and its customers.  Our biodiesel terminal is ideally located to provide reliable, 24 x 7 biodiesel supply to dozens of Northern California and Central Valley petroleum refiners and terminals, as well as diesel distributors and retailers.” says Mitch Bishop, Plant Manager for Community Fuels.