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Community Fuels First Producer in Nation to Earn BQ9000 Laboratory Certification

Encinitas, California, April 4, 2013 – Community Fuels earned BQ9000 Laboratory certification on March 14th making it the first biodiesel producer in the nation to receive this third party approval. “We are serious about quality and believe that biodiesel with reliable and predictable fuel performance is
necessary for our industry to grow and prosper. Our extensive in-house laboratory, highly skilled personnel and analytic capabilities set us apart from others.” said Christopher Young, Director of Operations for Community Fuels.

This certification also is expected to expand Community Fuels offerings which now include third party biodiesel testing for fuel produced by others. “Unlike other laboratories that perform a broad range of services, we specialize in testing and evaluating feedstock and biodiesel. This makes our laboratory a perfect choice for other producers, many of which do not have in-house capabilities to test and certify their fuel.” said Mr. Young.

The BQ9000 Laboratory certification is distinct from the BQ9000 Producer certification that Community
Fuels earned during June 2012. “Our success in achieving both BQ9000 Laboratory and BQ9000
Producer certification is yet another illustration of our commitment to commercial-scale production and high quality fuel. We are a producer and laboratory that our customers can count on.” said Lisa Mortenson, CEO of Community Fuels.

American Biodiesel, Inc. does business as Community Fuels and is a proven advanced biofuel producer. We produce among the highest quality biomass-based diesel fuels available. Our bio-refinery, located at the Port of Stockton in California, was built using our proprietary technology and has been in continuous operation since 2008, making it one of the largest continuously operating advanced bio-refineries in the Western U.S. Our customers include major oil companies, petroleum refiners and some of the nation’s largest bulk fuel distributors. Our renewable fuel serves as a premium lubricity additive for diesel fuel, helps our customers meet a range of regulatory requirements, and reduces emissions relative to petroleum diesel. Please learn more at: