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Community Fuels Awarded $4.1 Million Grant to Expand Capabilities and Increase Efficiencies

Encinitas, California, October 7, 2014 – The California Energy Commission approved a grant award of $4,183,421 to Community Fuels to support the installation of new equipment which will increase efficiencies and expand the range of low carbon feedstocks that can be processed at its existing Port of Stockton advanced biorefinery.  Completion of the project will contribute directly towards achieving key policy objectives set forth by the CEC including reducing emissions, and increasing production and use of renewable fuels within California.

“Community Fuels is currently completing two projects: expanding production capacity and building an advanced biofuel terminal. This new award is for a third, distinct project that is complementary to our current projects. We planned our business to be built in an incremental manner while we validated various technologies and market conditions. This new project will position Community Fuels to serve the future needs of California’s transportation fuel market.” says Lisa Mortenson, Co-Founder and CEO of Community Fuels.

“Grant funding accelerates the pace at which we expand our capabilities. Our team has a strong track record of completing grant-funded projects; each project that we successfully complete helps to build confidence in our business and our long-term growth opportunities.” says William Crooks, Corporate Controller of Community Fuels.

According to Christopher Young, Director of Operations, “Our team always is looking for ways to drive efficiencies throughout our production process. This new project will enable us to expand our capabilities and improve our existing operations. Because the project is being completed at our active advanced biorefinery, we are able to leverage the substantial amount of existing infrastructure. Also, our on-site BQ9000 laboratory will be utilized to assist in design and commissioning efforts. Ultimately our laboratory will ensure that all biodiesel produced meets our customers’ stringent fuel quality standards.”

American Biodiesel, Inc. does business as Community Fuels and is a proven advanced biofuel producer. Our bio-refinery, located at the Port of Stockton in California, was built using our proprietary technology and has been in operation since 2008, making it one of the largest continuously operating advanced bio-refineries in the Western U.S. Our customers include major oil companies, petroleum refiners and some of the nation’s largest bulk fuel distributors. Our renewable fuel serves as a premium lubricity additive for diesel fuel, helps our customers meet a range of regulatory requirements, and reduces emissions relative to petroleum diesel. As part of our commitment to quality, Community Fuels was the first in the nation to earn both BQ9000 producer and laboratory certifications. Please learn more at: