Growth Strategies

Our team specifically designed and built our Port of Stockton advanced bio-refinery to accommodate multiple phases of fast and cost-effective expansion.  We already have received key regulatory approvals to support distribution of up to 73 million gallons of biodiesel per year.

Recent projects include:

  • expanding our production capacity to over 20 million gallons per year, (completed 2014)
  • installing over 750,000 gallons of biodiesel storage, (completed 2015)
  • installing upgraded and expanded loading racks, (completed 2015)
  • integrating multiple supplies of low carbon intensity feedstocks into our commercial-scale operations, (in process)
  • continuing planning to expand the production capacity to 60 million gallons per year or more, and
  • launching our terminal services as a complement to our current production capabilities (completed 2016)

We are in the business planning phase to:

  • install a pipeline to the deep water shipping channel,
  • install additional bulk tanks at the terminal, and
  • expand the terminal operations to include renewable diesel.

We pursue process improvements and increases in efficiency as a continuous focus of our operations.  We also evaluate safety and compliance on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for improvement.