Competitive Advantages

Proven Advanced Biofuel Producer:

Our fuel qualifies as an Advanced Biofuel through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Superior Specifications:

Our own fuel standard closely mirrors the requirements of multiple major oil companies and exceeds the Federal Fuel Standard (ASTM Standard).

Unique Technology:

Unlike competitors using unproven technologies or licensed technologies from third-party developers, we utilize our own commercially proven proprietary technology – we do not incur ongoing licensing fees and are able to modify our process as new raw materials are developed and fuel standards evolve.

Flexible Production:

We are able to process bulk volumes of multiple types of raw materials (fats and oils serving as feedstock) and to adjust production volumes quickly in order to meet market demand efficiently.

High Performance Products:

Our fuel results in lower emissions, helping petroleum companies in meeting regulatory requirements and when blended with petroleum diesel, our fuel increases lubricity, improving fuel performance and reducing the wear and tear on engines.

Strategic Location:

With direct access to two transcontinental railroads (UP and BNSF) and the Stockton deep-water shipping channel, our bio-refinery’s location enables cost-effective distribution to major Western U.S. fuel markets and West Coast Ports that serve the Asian Pacific markets.


Our bio-refinery is specifically designed for multiple phases of fast and cost-effective expansion.  We already have obtained key approvals to support distribution of up to 73 million gallons per year of advanced biofuels.